Will Torrent is one of the leading pastry and chocolate experts in the UK with an award-winning patisserie background. Having worked with top chefs including Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver and James Martin, Will is a Consultant Pastry Chef to Waitrose and author of three internationally best-selling books. He is a Judge for the Academy of Chocolate Awards, Quality Food Awards, Great Taste Awards and National Chef of the Year.

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Really saddened by yesterday's news of the passing of #SirBruceForsyth; the undoubted King of Saturday Nights! My favourite. #DidntHeDoWell

What a special day yesterday celebrating the wedding of Pip & Luke in #StAndrews! A day full of love, laughter & lots more! #specsandstark 🍾


Finish #AfternoonTeaWeek right – WIN a copy of Afternoon Tea at Home - Competition closes tonight, enter here: https://t.co/A2TXcRsj1h

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