The launch of his book Afternoon Tea at Home kicks off an exciting year for Will Torrent, who will be travelling to Ethiopia in March with international development charity Tearfund.

Ethiopia has a rich culinary culture but the country is currently also facing drought and food shortages. Will is going to see Tearfund’s work to reduce the impact of this crisis, both through emergency aid and by helping people make their own longer­term preparations to ride out the lean times.

He will also have the opportunity to experience some ancient Ethiopian food traditions.

Flour ground from the seed of the annual grass teff has a newly acquired ‘superfood’ status among Western food lovers. Teff is hard to cultivate, and for centuries has been a well­kept secret in Ethiopia, where it finds its ideal growing conditions. Teff flour is used locally to make injera, a leavened bread similar to a pancake and a staple of the Ethiopian diet.

Will has been invited to a masterclass to learn how to make injera, and hopes the experience will spark some recipe ideas using teff flour.

He will also be able to take part in the famous Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and as a chocolatier, this is certain to inspire Will to think of ideas to marry the two flavours.

Will says: “This is one of the most exciting yet nerve­wracking projects I have ever been blessed with. I just can’t wait to see the amazing work that Tearfund is doing in Ethiopia. I’m not sure what to expect, but I know it’s going to help me to grow as a person and to deepen my faith.”

On his return to the UK, Will is joining Martha Collison (Tearfund ambassador and youngest ever contestant on BBC TV’s The Great British Bake Off) on their Cakes Bakes and Faith tour.

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Tearfund’s Head of UK Church Relationships, Jamie Fyleman says: “I can’t wait to see Will and Martha in action in this mini­series of talks. I dream of eating their food and they’re both great fun! I know the two of them will entertain their audiences with a bake off, but also get people thinking about the reality of food shortages around the world. At a Cakes Bakes and Faith event, you’ll get to hear their mutual passion for supporting Tearfund’s vital work to prevent families in countries like Ethiopia from going hungry.”


Sat March 12th – St Mark’s Battersea Rise
Wed 13th April – St Pauls Egham Hythe
Thursday 21st April – St Paul’s Ealing
Fri 22nd April – St Michael’s Southfields
Wed April 27th – St James Gerrards Cross

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